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L Steel J Bass Denim

L Steel J Bass Denim

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Droppin’ by at Loic’s home, I tested his second Jazz Bass.

First, I plugged my bass to compare, to have reference sound before playin’ his metal bass (my bass is a Mayones be4, active, 18V, with Bartolini humbuckers, that is worth it regarding its dynamic and big sound).

And then when I plugged in his bass... Super powerful sound, defined, hyper accurate (with a little "metal" sounding tint, but not in an aggressive and cold way, quite the contrary !!!!!) and an awesome dynamic. And sustain "a gogo" too. Slap and tapping on this bass becomes unreal with such a full and punchy sound. The "finger picking" is fantastic ... Pick? I hate it usually, but here it becomes interesting...

It has almost too much treble (except for the slap) but a simple tone control adjustement does the trick... and then if you play with the volume... Yet, no diversion model, eh. Close your eyes, you’ll clearly hear the typical sound that makes a Jazz Bass a Jazz Bass. But a Jazz Bass "Plus".

It’s passive, equipped with single coils... it has the precise sound of a Jazz Bass, but with growl comin’ from the resonance of the metal body. My Mayo had to give up, and I must say that I had not crossed until now, a bass that had a more balls than mine.

Comfort level, very nice neck, well balanced, no "pointing down headstock", same weight than a standard wood bass. Must hear and see it to believe it.