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Telecasteel 72 Sunburst

Telecasteel 72 Sunburst

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I asked Loïc build me a guitar with an aged look, who can be versatile enough to follow me on any stage and studio. I told him what I was looking for on this kind of guitar, being a heavy Telecaster user, and touring quite a bit. He guided me to design the guitar according to the usage that I have.

Aesthetically, we started on the basis of the ’72 Tele with a japan type of neck, they are really the ones I prefer in terms of playability and comfort. I really wanted a relic guitar, with the wear, experiences, "roots" side as they say, and, of course, the big Bigsy, to use it, but also for the cachet that it adds. I really like this retro style, "good old guitar" type!!

I play in different styles, rock, rockabilly, country and funk. Loïc was a wise counsellor for choosing the type of pickups and configuration. In the bridge position a Custom SP gives me good sound of a Stratocaster, with its slamming side, but more powerfull, more dynamic, warmer, and approaching Gretsch guitars grain, probably due to the design of the luthery. In the neck position a humbucker combining a Jazzmaster coil and a Telecaster coil, the result is really top! I can switch from double to single Jazzmaster coil or the Telecaster one, so many possibilities (well jazzy humbucker, strat, tele).

Overall I have a guitar that responds to a quarter turn with a killer look, superb dynamics, excellent sustain, an outstanding ease of play and a super smooth Bigsby!! The ideal for me, a custom designed guitar, matching my expectations, in which every detail has been thought. I am entirely won over, and surprised of the difference between my Fender Tele and this guitar, it is for me day and night, Loïc’s Telecasteel really exceeds my expectations.

A unique guitar, I eagerly awaited that will now follow me on all stages!