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Lsteel Paul Sunburst

Lsteel Paul Sunburst

User Comment

I am the happy owner of the 44th guitar, made by Loïc Lepape, the beautiful Lsteel Paul Sunburst Relic. I do confirm what everyone already knows, Lepape guitars are simply outstanding! Initially, I was a little shocked by the approach of a metal guitar, a new medium for an electric instrument in my case, and also destabilized by the "relic" aspect of the instrument. I quickly realized it was a real work of craftsmanship done by Loïc, where no detail is left to chance, giving the instrument an overall cohesion worthy the biggest brands in reliquage instrument. It seems indeed that the instrument has spent several decades before landing in my hands, and that’s what I wanted.

It sounds in the purest spirit of vintage guitars, good old fat humbuckers, thick sound, accurate, with endless sustain ... The sound match with the look of this guitar somewhat devastated, really giving it the credibility that I would expect from such an instrument! For those who still hesitate, I just want to say that the game is worth it! The meeting with Loic, a 100% rockn’roll character with human qualities is a really very significant luck for a guitarist and it’s really nice to order a tool created in collaboration with a "Monsieur" as friendly, engaging and professional, with, ultimately, the birth of an extraordinary instrument.