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Telecasteel Butter Scotch Blonde

Telecasteel Butter Scotch Blonde


After a few weeks using my Telecasteel Butterscotch Blonde... it’s nothing but happiness, balance is found... the neck is magic, perfect action, the neck pickup has a round and reedy tone, and the bridge, a killer twang! The guitar is easy to set up: harmonics, action, pickups...

For those who still think that the metal sounds harsch, it may be true with poorly designed guitars (inappropriate pickups or misused metal) but with this one, really a great balance, no bad design with MONSIEUR Le Pape. This guitar has been well-thought out, built with love and attention to details, musical and aesthetic good taste, with a magnificent aging. It looks like it was born in the 50s and have seen it all.

If I had to do it again, I would do it more than 10 times. Sure, it’s addictive and it’s great to have a unique guitar like that (especially at that price, if I may say so...)!

Again, thank you so much to Loïc, his patience, passion, and infallible expertise!