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User Comment

First point: the aesthetic. It has the look, the engravings on the body are superb, the relic work on the neck’s very well made, the details are cared for, even if it is not perfect (which is normal with artisanal work) all in all a very fine instrument that will age well! Once in hand, the bass is well balanced, the neck is very nice and easy to play, access to higher frets is very easy and the instrument is not heavy at all, not more than my Fender U.S. Only minor defect, and I should have guessed it, the position of the right hand is not easy to master, as on the Rick, so I’ll have to install a thumb rest to be quiet.

The sound. First concert on my Carvin Electric 300 and my Ampeg preamp, switched to active. Big sound, it crunches, it slams. I’m pretty happy with the sound, which I describe as an intermediary between the PB and JB. You feel the particular resonance of the metal, it gives a real warmth to the sound, the bass is deep, medium slams and trebles are precise. Change settings, I take the mediator and then I sound very rock, very Rick 4003, I was even asked to play a Motörhead song... Afer these first concert, the bass sounds well, it blends well in the mix (I’m playing in a trio, it has to), it corresponds to both bluesy, rock and even a little jazz therefore really appreciate its versatile side.

Second concert "acoustic" with my Ampeg preamp and my little 30W, switched to passive. Well then, I usually played with a Hofner 500 / 1 of 1970, so nothing you can compare... Well again, I was pleasantly surprised. Playing with a pick, it reminds me of an old 4001’s early 70’s, I hardly dare imagine what would happen with Flatwound! Despite a microphone preamp and ultra modern, it stays really vintage in passive mode, the sound is very warm and very round, with the playing comfort provided by the handle JB, I could play for ages without feeling tired, really super valuable!

I am globally satisfied with the instrument, I find it very versatile and it’s cool regarding the styles that I practice. The bass sounds well and looks good, I saw people approaching to see what it was, the least we can say is that it does not leave indifferent (my guitarist is about to buy his Le Pape guitar).