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LS 339 Roger Daspet Memory

LS 339 Roger Daspet Memory

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First I’m delighted by the aesthetic, the guitar is a all-in-one, homogeneous, simple, polished, it’s great art. The smell of metal was a little surprising, metal is surprising by the way, I love it! Light, easy access to upper notes worthy of my SG standard, high quality hardware, top set up, powerfull pickups? In short, the top. One example among many of Loïc’s perfectionism: I wanted a headstock that reminds me of Gibson LP, he drew the logo "LS339" so that it follows the strings direction like a triangle or something like that... I don’t know how to say it but it is indeed the sense of detail I needed in a luthier’s work!

Then unplugged, it’s weird, delirious, the feelling you’re playin’ on a "dobroîd", light and warm, acoustically speaking... it "speaks" directly! Once plugged it’s powerful, full sound, everything sounds, and the room where I play, it takes a wide spectrum, is spellbinding!