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Steelmaster Lefty

Steelmaster Lefty

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During my 1st visit to Loïc and after listening to all models, unfortunately, right-handed (and at that time not to the sale ...) Gretsch-like, Lsteel Paul P-90, Lsteel Paul Junior, Steel G 3 pus, and SteelMaster finally, that I realized that was the guitar sound I’ve always had in my head (Tom Verlaine, Sonic Youth, J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., early The Cure, etc.). Despite my refusal to own my "idols of my youth" guitars, I decided to acquire a Steelmaster...

I could also compare with Loïc’s very good Japanese Jazzmaster (fully upgraded) and a "SteelMaster" mounted with Seymour Duncan basic pus (not even Antiquity ...) and frankly there was no doubt. The Steelamster is fuller, more balanced, very lively and incisive. It has been the focus on this model (like on all his guitarshis, the Gretsch-like is amazing too !...) to preserve the features and draw the quintessence out of it.

Despite its very "Rusty" finishing (as I wanted to match the neck, a Warmoth ordered specifically for this project), my Le Pape’s the neck joint and the welds are very very clean and neat. Loïc also reversed a right-hander vibrato, that works really fine. I also wanted to add an additional piezo under the plate to capture the metal’s acoustic vibrations and be able to play with its percussive side. I use it a lot on clean sounds like a Sitar or a Banjo.

About sound: Loïc’s partnership with Jeremy (SP Custom) is ideal. They made me a super balanced Vintage-oriented set. In case I would would not have liked it, Loic had ordered a different set from another manufacturer of handwound pickups... Isn’t it royal? Also (very important on the Jazzmaster ...), by building, metal forms a Faraday cage, no noise, it is 100% "Noiseless".

Finally, I would say that the guitar is great and really matches my expectation, of course after having refined some small details (as usual for a new axe, despite its excellent basic setup...) to my tastes and habits. I have no regret to have placed my confidence in Loïc and already imagine what will be my next "Le Pape"...