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Lsteel Paul Junior DC Thunders

Lsteel Paul Junior DC Thunders

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This is my 60th guitar. I really wanted to mark the occasion and design an instrument that would mean a lot to me. In the 80s I’ve seen Thunders play. Despite his bad health condition, he played like a god and his sound made a lasring impression on me. That day I decided to play music. The next day, I bought me a cheap Stratocaster replica in Pigalle, and since I always had a guitar at home. In tribute to  this great guitarist, I decided to build a Junior as I think it would be today if Johnny was still alive and Dee Dee Ramone had not thoroughly destroyed it in Paris in the 80s.

Overall I’m pleased with this instrument, the neck 3 parts (in length as the old Gibson) super thick (profile 1954), its vintage online machine heads, its powerful and defined pickup, its hardware destroyed by time and aged matched choden stickers (one of my CBGB passes and "Vive le Rock" tribute to Vivienne Westwood era in 1977) according to my own aesthetico-musical references, all those details make me enjoy a lot my guitar!

If I had to keep only one, it will be this one. You can’t put your arms around a memory but you can put your fingers on a guitar!