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The Le Pape’s Method

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Approaching a luthier is rarely the result of chance. In most cases it is the obvious choice to meet a number of questions, requirements, desires that the industrial guitars can not meet... or imperfectly. Combined with the guitarist’s morphology, personality, experience, kind of music, this leads him to the workshop’s door. No coincidence, then, but a logical conclusion.

This is true for the guitar makers in general, and even more for Loïc and his steel guitars. The musicians who turn to him most often have a good idea of what they want in terms of look, of sound, pickups configuration etc. The dialogue is established with Loïc around that first vision. Loïc proposes solutions, modifications, enrichments, makes suggestions, always trying to follow the direction intended by the performer. This exchange takes the time it takes until the future instrument starts to take shape in the spirit of the two protagonists, a unique instrument meeting all the expectations of its owner.

Combining a deep respect for traditional guitar models and complete freedom of experimentation, a traditional know-how and a constant optimization’s search, the rawness of hand shaping and the sophistication of some technical options is also one of Loïc’s strengths. Every detail has been reworked to ensure sustain, warmth, dynamic, wide spectrum, playing comfort and optimum settings. There is also a look apart, unique to each guitar, and carefully designed balance and weight.

Once it is finished, the instrument "gives you a call" as Loïc makes you listen to the beauty on the phone. Magical moment that marks the beginning of a feverish expectation. As you will see by reading the users comments, Loic fills your expectations and beyond. And if ever this was not the case, or if, after few weeks, you want to change something, it’s possible!

Listening, dialogue, originality, optimization, total customization, professionalism, respect and irreverence is what you’ll get from Loïc Le Pape.