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I had imagined this guitar in my head and even on paper, but seein’ itachieved was true happiness. Without boastfulness, I find it really beautiful. One can even say it is more beautiful in real life. It sounds close to the sound of John Frusciante’s Trussart guitars. The sound is quite sharp, with lots of sustain. At the same time, it is very accurate despite the set of Bare Knuckle The Mule. One would have thought that sound could be a little slimy but this is not the case at all. Stainless Steel takes a little warmness off but adds much more accuracy. You can feel the different attack’s variations which may lead you to another vision of your playin’, very interesting. The push-pull brings a lot of sounds to choose from.

I thought a lot about the body but at the last moment, I realized that I could not play in the treble as the higher part of the neck was taken by the horn. Loic, considering my despair, had a nice reaction and agreed to rebuild a beautiful horn for free, without which it would have been difficult to play a lot of the songs I play. I can only recommend you to work with Mr Lepape, a real nice guy, always listening that makes a fantastic job.