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Captain’s Idol

Captain’s Idol


I plug the beauty into my Mesa Roadster, first without effect, clean sound and then... BAM! First slap! It sounds very round, and becomes very hot clapping when we wish to accentuate the attack of the pick. I did around every position, neck, middle, bridge, splitted, not splitted, in phase or out of phase and I must say that I find them all very convincing!

Let’s activate my compressor with a "pushed" setting (let’s say not really subtle, strong compression of my boss CS3) and BAM!! The second Kisskool’s effect!!!!!! It sounds so cool that I’ll consider purchasing a better compressor because I love this Lepape over-compressed sound). Goin’ crunchy and again it sounds like I imagined. I must admit that with a large disto I was less satisfied, but this guitar was not designed for the big big sound (at least it’s not what I had in mind). As I did not touch the knobs of the amp, optimizing my settings may be the clue to happiness.

After the Roadster comes the Marshall JVM410H and I must admit that the distorded sounds were more convincing on this one. Clear sounds remain to die for and crunch to re-die for! I found the guitar beautiful in pictures but in reality it’s sublime. All the people to whom I showed it told me the same thing with a dribble of saliva at the corner of their mouth.