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Miss Vertigo

Miss Vertigo


The idea behind this guitar was to create an original model which would incorporate the best features of all the guitars that came under my fingers and so make the ultimate guitar... Difficult challenge yet met either in terms of sound and ergonomics.

The association of an offset body, close in size to a Mustang but with the thickness of a 4/4 body Gretsch and a Gibson neck dimensions make it a very comfortable guitar to play. Playin’ while sitting was the subject of special attention from Loïc who took special care of the balance of the guitar and made a bevel on the body at the forearm so that it does not hurt: The result is beyond my expectations: the palm-mutes are made easy thanx to the wedge and the guitar stay balanced on the leg even without being strapped!

For sound, it can be used on all fronts: we find a Gretsch-like resonance, thick notes usually associated with Gibson, Fenderish accuracy and a banging and even sounds of acoustic guitar/dobro with the piezo equipped saddles and bridge. The pickups are perfectly complementary, and no position is unnecessary. Mix between piezo and magnetic pickups give new and very interesting sounds.

For the look, I wanted a finish that recall the Docs Martens Burgundy color and wanted that guitar to give the impression of having been found after spending 20 years in an attic. The result is again beyond my expectations. It is a work of art! The photos just give an idea and are far from the reality!