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When you look back in the mirror, it seems obvious that Loïc Le Pape was meant to create steel guitars one day or the other, each step of his early career bringin’ him in a little more into making those:

- first job: signwriter and airbrush painter. During two years he decorates trucks, produces murals etc.

- then he works for three years in general engineering (welding/wheel etc..). This leads him to work in the bike business for eight years at Honda (mechanics and sale). During those years he builds prototypes in his spare time. He even get outlined by the French national bike press with those prototypes(ie. Option Moto).

- he goes on with an electrician training (and electronic as well) and begins to work in the electricity business for one year, then makes and installs eletrical signs. He stops this work after an accident preventing him from handling heavy loads, which will oblige him to take, once more, another path.

- guitar enthusiast, member of a band called "Brigitte Borderline", he already manufactures wood guitars, and "what a self evidence!", he decides to build steel guitars.

- his two first attempts are heavier and less refined than its current achievements, but... they did sound very well! So Loïc hangs on and goes all out. He meets several luthiers, including Jerome Casanova "excellentissime" luthier working in Clermont-Ferrand that Loïc want to thank particularly, honoring the availability and the many wise and good man’s advices. Those luthiers help him setting up and optimize his guitars, gradually teachin’ him the various facets of their art (neck angle, fingerboard radius, leveling, harmonics, saddle height set up, bone nut cutting, laterality, frets setting and fitting (among others), finish, coating etc.

So let us summarize: here is a motivated guy aware of the painting and varnishing techniques, who knows about the work of steel, mastering the electric/electronic side, guitarist himself, then a providential accident (for us anyway) that requires yet another conversion, and loops the loop in learning what he lacks from confirmed luthiers. If this is not predestination...

The result? You can see and hear it through the Guitars pages of this site.