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White Steel Falcon skull and bones

White Steel Falcon skull and bones


WOW!!! LOIC! I applaud your beautiful work! Simply PERFECT! LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks soooo much my friend. She is a work of art! The relicing is just right, neck plays wonderfully, and I love how you aged the knobs and Bigsby as well. Magnifique! PLAYED IT THROUGH MY 64 BLACKFACE DELUXE! The most versatile and resonant and warm sounding guitar I have ever played! This going to be my main guitar on my upcoming tour! I can even get some Tele sounds out of it!!! On the tour i am bringing my Gretsch Black Falcon and The Le Pape and all my tones are covered! The sustain on this guitar is unreal! I also cannot believe how WARM it sounds- it is the such a vintage yet COMPLETELY ORIGINAL SOUND! The Piezo’s bring out such incredible resonance, and the neck feels so perfect and creamy! SHE IS PERFECT! YOU ARE A GENIOUS!!!!!!!! Thanks for building me the best guitar I have ever heard in my life! You are a true MASTER LUTHIER! With IMMENSE admiration.