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Prsteel Hollow

Prsteel Hollow


The guitar is very balanced with a non-excessive weight (3.8 kg). As the body is steel, the heel is thin enough to give an excellent access to the last frets. As it’s a unique guitar and you’ve had long discussions with Loic he built the guitar you ask, well, not exactly, in fact it is much better than what you asked for :-)

Unplugged, you strum the first chord, the guitar vibrates in an incredible way. It’s like having something alive in the hands. It’s plug and play: you plug, it sounds awesome. I play mainly blues / rock / hard rock and this guitar is made for this kind of music. Metalheads, this axe is not for you. The clean sound is a bit sharper than a "typical" P90, very well defined, but it reveals itself on crunch sounds, the SP Custom pickups are wonders. Heat, definition, incredible sustain. The piezo can do his job alone, but, when coupled with the pickupss it offers some very interesting possibilities. I played on a Blackstar HT5 head or a Vox Night Train connected to a N.O.S 4x12 (2 Greenback, 2 Vintage 30). I love all the sounds.

For the 2nd time Loic surprised me in a right way, the guitar is beautiful (to my taste of course) and sounds wonderful. In love again ......