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White Silver Falcon

White Silver Falcon


It’s beautiful, the top is slightly curved, beautiful finish, aging, little dings and scratches, small rusty dots, aged hardware... bravo!

Just a little thing for my taste: a tiny space at the neck joint (1 mm, purely aesthetic, besides my little finger told me it would not stay...). Very well balanced, it seems lighter with the strap on (like my junior). The neck is a pleasure to play and watch, binding, glittery silver pearl inlays and so on...

Unplugged, the sound is pleasant enough and loud enough to play and work quietly to itself. (Not much louder than my junior). The Bigsby is set properly and well tuned. The neck pickup is a P90 that sounds, how to say ... like a P90, both hot and very sensitive to dynamics of the playin’. Intermediate position out of phase, rather dug, interesting, very different from the rest, a little behind the other positions in term of level. The bridge pickup, a TV Jones Powertron, sounds round, pleasant in all conditions: clean, hot, crunchy and credible and aggressive in super saturation. To make a long story short, a versatile mix.

The piezo does the trick, tried on a sound system with an acoustic preamp (required anyway) was a good basis for its sound very credible and usable as such. Mixed with other pickups, it’s almost more interesting. In the intermediate position you recover some output level so it balances out well. With the neck pickup it makes the sound interesting too (like another intermediate position, that would sound differently from the first one). With the bridge pickup, you’v got more slam with clear and crunch, and more definition with fat saturation. For it must be said, I think this guitar is very hot, with a lot of body, roundness. Paradoxically, I do not find it sounds any metal. To find that side back, the addition of the piezo is very interesting. A little tip, when the volume of the piezo is completely cut, you can use the second switch as a kill switch.

I found a downside, if so (there must be a critical if not is not credible): the case is too large, the guitar floats in it. Funny nonetheless, the only flaw a bit annoying that I found has nothing to do with Loïc’s work. Conclusion: happy (very happy even).