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LS 339 Vicky

LS 339 Vicky

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Finally! Thank you Loic the long awaiting guitar is in my hands. Thank you for allowing my fingers to fool around onthis neck... but I’m goin’ to fast!

Allow me to tell my story from the beginning: My friend Menoir (fan of tapping, in the famous guitarist Stanley Jordan’s spirit) introduced me to his new guitar. Always fascinated by the complexities and possibilities of this famous tapping, my interest that day was different.

The room where we stood was suddenly filled with a sound that my ear discovered. Menoir let me play his instrument, and like any first time my fingers began feverishly to play a scale. Miracle, I too could produce this sound... and this guitar neck, my fingers ran ont it with fluency. After targeting the particularity of this instrument "steel guitar, Menoir told me about its creator. And that’s where Loic Lepape entered the scene. Generous in these statements, in love with his work and you can imagine down in this Haute-Loire, in his small village, a "fanatic" bent on fullfilling some instruments dreams.

This was the LS 339 Vicky’s roots and how it was born. Loic thank you for your creation! Commited to satisfy my desires you really did meet my expectations, and even beyond. A very nice neck, aesthetics with a particular attention to the finish, in perfect harmony with the love we bear to his instrument. And this sound, but what a sound!

Thank you Loïc, be sure we’ll meet again.