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LS 335 Red

LS 335 Red

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A great moment when I took it off the case (great case...). Exactly as I had imagined: a dirty relic with a beautiful "Chuck Berry Red". I started playin’, always apprehensive when you try a guitar for tyhe fist time, should it go to the luthier’s workshop for a setup? Not this one: it is perfectly adjusted. The neck’s immediately comfortable, it’s a highway, fast and you can play everything with ease.

The SP Custom pu’s are a real delight. Tested so far on an Orange Rocker 30 head, 15 kg of ballsy british rock. On the neck pu, nice surprise, the low ends are well defined and you can switch from rythm to chorus with no problem, without gettin’ mud on bass frequencies. On the bridge, it rocks hard an you achieve super powerfull rythm parts. In both cases the grain is superb, meaty and super well defined, with an incredible dynamic. You don’t have to adjust the tone of the amp for ages to get your sound...

Loic told me that these pickups married well with the 335, but this is the perfect couple. They crunch earlier than good stock pickups (Burstbucker, Classic 57), therefore the range of the amp gain is higher, but mostly they have a superior dynamic... Loïc says they sound like vintage microphones, I believe him. In short a superb axe, with a huge sound... and I didn’t try it on my handmade amps yet (Deluxe 5E3, Fargen Plexi / Vibroverb...)

I leaned on the finish, looking more closely: the cracks are quite impressive. On the broader ones, you can see an aged sand color below. Sanding shows metal, with very nice rust effect on it. Aging is everywhere: on the knobs, the tailpiece, the bridge, even on the machine heads. The head is also beautifully veined. You got the impression that the guitar has lived a very long live without the inconvenience of vintage ... since it is new... Also note that you do not see electronics through the gills, which would have been awkward with the holey back.

Finally, I played more than half an hour standing up and I never felt any discomfort due to weight ... no more nor less than with some of my other guitars...

Great work!