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Telecasteel Rusty Rat

Telecasteel Rusty Rat


To make a long story short: it’s amazing!

I play on some good gear (Egnater MOD50, pedals T-REX) and my Soloist and its Bare Knuckles gave me satisfaction (except the frets, too large).

I know it’s very different but the sound’s definition, the playin’ precision, the overall sound quality is something completely different: it’s like day and night. I found back the handmade pickups which allows me to transcribe the nuances of my playin’ (wow, wow, I’m so full of myself, lol!), it’s really another world ... To make it short this Tele is my new "number one guitar".

I encourage all people who have a Tele, a Strat, a LP ... to test the equivalent made by Loïc. You can not figure out before you’ve tried one. For the price, you will not find better in this range. Yet I’m surrounded by buddies with nice guitars that I’ve tested (PRS, Heritage, Damico ...). The only reason I’ll choose one of those guitars, would be to have a beautiful flamed maple top or for the "brand’s prestige". If it was only for the sound, no wonder: Le Pape! ... and SPCustom! because I think these pickups really do have something special.

After a few months, what about... it’s a killer for the price. I don’t know what else to say, except that it deserves to be even more expensive

But words do not replace ears so I’ve made samples ...