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Lsteel Paul Junior DC Old Brass 2

Lsteel Paul Junior DC Old Brass 2

User Comment

Loic Le Pape, it’s above all a touch, a feeling: I ordered this guitar by phone and within five minutes of specific questions to target my tastes and my needs, Loic grabbed a Les Paul, under construction, and made me listen to the pickup’s sound in a din of saturation generated by my handset: rock n roll!

Then comes the pleasure of waiting for the coveted object, like a first appointment. Then the guitar comes in and frankly it’s a real pleasure, it’s beautiful, it’s unique and most especially it sounds great! Loic is available and eager to satisfy its customers. Finally, for a lower price than the U.S. high end industrial production, I am the proud owner of a brilliant and original axe, and I met an honest guy, friendly and passionate, nothin’ but happiness!

Frankly, I use to sell and buy my guitars on a regular basis but this one, I’ll keep it.