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Steelmaster Sunburst

Steelmaster Sunburst


This Steelmaster Sunburst makes you drool. It is as good as it is beautiful: a very comfortable neck, 7.25 radius, a SP Custom neck pickup, perfect for clean sounds, round, clean, and down and dirty as soon as you crunch the amp. The bridge one is an original ’64 Jazzmaster pickup! To get an idea, listen to any old Magic Slim tune, as he has always been THE High Priest of the Jazzmaster. The destroy sunburst finish is impressive. This guy is truly an artist! (you gotta get used to it my dear Loïc). Playing comfort, is really not far from the L series (I have four of them, Musicmaster and Mustangs, that’s why I dare to compare). It will tour with me soon with The Blockbusters Blues Band.

Thank you to Loic for this great piece of art and see you soon.